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FRP Solid Plate

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MaxGrate Fibreglass Solid Plate Anti Slip Flooring has been designed to be installed over new or existing structural members of steel, timber, concrete or aluminium construction, providing an economical, safety solution to slippery walking surfaces. 

Fibreglass Solid Plate has been successfully used for Anti Slip Flooring including flooring systems, walkways, work platforms,stair ramps and catwalks in many industries–including food processing, beverage, chemical processing, water and waste treatment, metal finishing, pulp and paper, transportation, pharmaceutical, textile,oil and gas and mining,smelting and refining.

Fibreglass Anti-Slip Solid Plate hand lay-up flat sheet are popular in sizes 2.44 x 1.22 and 3m x 1m, thickness 3mm, 4.8mm and 6mm. 

FRP pultruded flat sheet solid plate is available by the pultrusion process,Maximum width 1.22m – thickness from 3mm to 12mm.