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FRP Pultruded Profile

  • Product Name:Fiberglass pultruded profiles
  • MaxGrate frp pultruded profiles include FRP Angle,Square Tube,Round tube,I-Beam, Wide flange beams,T-bar,U-Channel, Round Rod,Kick plate,Solid plate. etc. 

    FRP Pultruded structural shapes are used as support of gratings,handrails,beam and other structure materials in a wide range of applications and industries like chemical, power, offshore,etc.

    Good Properties

    -High strength

    -Light weight


    -Electrical and thermal insulation

    -Flame retardant

    -Electro-magnetic transparency

    -Low coefficient of thermal expansion

    -Low temperature capabilities


    -Free maintenance

    -Free to design,new moulds. 

Pultrusion of Pultruded Profiles

Pultruded FRP profiles are with the constant cross-section structure by a continuous pultrusion process using fiberglass reinforcements with thermosetting resin matrixes. Pre-selected reinforcement materials, such as fiberglass roving, mat, woven fabrics or stitched fabric, are drawn through a resin bath in which all materials are thoroughly impregnated with a liquid thermosetting resin.

The Fibreglass Pultrusion process decide that any constant cross-section profiles can be pultruded.Further, the selection of Resin system(Ortho resin,ISO resin,Vinyl ester resin),type and form of fiberglass reinforcements (fiberglass E-glass roving, continuous mat, surfacei veil.etc),the placement of reinforcements within the composite profiles as well as colors are allowed to be customized.

Typical of Pultruded Profiles

Structural shapes of FRP pultruded profiles are mainly FRP Angle, Square Tube,Round tube,I-Beam, Wide flange beams,Y-angle,U-Channel, Solid Rod,Kick plate,deck plate.etc. We are available in wide range sizes with countless profiles molds.

Applications of Pultruded Profiles

Pultruded profiles offer a number of advantages over traditional materials such as steel, aluminium and timber profiles .These structural shapes are used in cases where steel supports can not be used or where there is a requirement for light weight support. Hence, FRP structural shapes can be a good substitute for steel and aluminum support system.

FRP structures profiles are designable,all kinds of frp applications like platforms,frame supporting,trestles brackets,cable tray,handrails system,frp ladders,frp fence.etc could be combined by fiberglass profiles with connectors and fasteners.Fiberglass profiles are widely applicated in wide range industries already.

High density of glass core layer makes the structure very tough and tensile. The modulus of flexural strength and impact strength in lengthways have exceeds normal steel. Fiberglass mat increase the transverse strength of the profiles and formed a rich-resin layer on the surface, so that the profiles have the better characteristics of anti-corrosion and anti fragmentation.

Rich Color for Option

MaxGrate offers wide color selections for pultruded FRP Profiles.The followings are some of the most popular color. We can closely match any color in the Ral Color Chart Page.

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