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FRP Stair Tread FRP Stair Tread
MaxGrate fiberglass stair treads(nosing) not only provide safety entry and exit,but also with ​excellent features like wear resistant,anti-corrosion,anti-aging and electric insulation.
Rectangular mesh molded grating Rectangular mesh molded grating
MaxGrate Rectangular mesh FRP molded grating offer a beautiful pattern mesh which look like pultruded grating but have uniform structures as other molded fiberglass grating.
Square mesh molded FRP grating Square mesh molded FRP grating
MaxGrate square mesh FRP grating offers a complete portfolio of different panel sizes and surface types for many industrial applications as the best choice for chemical resistant flooring.
Mini mesh molded FRP grating Mini mesh molded FRP grating
MaxGrate mini mesh molded grating is specially designed as per ADA requirement with compliant mesh size small enough to prevent small tools and other objects from falling down through the grating.
Pultruded fiberglass Grating Pultruded fiberglass Grating
Pultruded Fiberglass Grating provides maximum stiffness and minimum deflection over long spans. The gratings offer more flexible choice of wider or longer sizes than molded grating.
Fiberglass Stakes Fiberglass Stakes
fiberglass/FRP round rods with one point sharped widely used as fiberglass vine stakes, fiberglass tree stakes, fiberglass plant stakes, fiberglass nursery stakes as well as fiberglass snow stakes.
FRP Radome FRP Radome
MaxGrate FRP antenna Radome has various shapes and specifications, widely used in all kinds of special environment like aerospace, communication, weather filed. ​
Fiberglass Safety Ladder Fiberglass Safety Ladder
FRP safety ladder is assembled with pultrusion profiles and hand lay-up parts; with the strong points of high strength, easy assemble, no rust, electric insulation to provide safety.
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