Customized Fiberglass parts

Customized Fiberglass parts Hand Lay-up

Hand lay-up is an open molding method suitable for making a wide variety of composites products from very small to very large which offering low cost tooling, simple processing, and a wide range of fiberglass part sizes. 

Benefits of hand lay-up FRP as below:

  • Very flexible design and shape
  • Lower cost
  • Ideal for lower volumes


Because of the above benefits, hand lay up is the method suited for large components, such as hand lay up chairs, Fiberglass delivery box,hand lay up ship, hand lay up swimming pool, etc

Hand lay-up FRP not only making industrial components like FRP machine covers, FRP Hyperboloid Impellers but also Civilian products like FRP Pedicure Spa, FRP Bathtubs.etc

MaxGrate have the most skilled technical and rich OEM/ODM experience for fiberglass parts by hand lay-up process, Welcome any customized fiberglass parts!

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