FRP Wall Panel

FRP Flat Panel

The FRP gel coat sheet is made of heat-cured gel coat, molecular resin and glass fiber composite. It is a new kind of high-quality environmental-friendly product. FRP PANLE composite with PU foam, XPS, PP honey comb, Plywood sandwich panel for wall covering for RV, Truck body, ship decoration, refrigerator car. etc

FRP panel and composite panle are Widely applied in:

  1. Construction industry - interior and exterior wall panels, partitions, pedals, cold storage, door panels, etc.
  2. RV industry - roof, side wall panels, floor panels and door panels.
  3. Transport vehicles - liners, roof panels, composite wall panels and laminate flooring.
  4. Instruments and equipment - solar backplane, solar power plant, oil tank, etc.
  5. Advertising media - billboards, shelves, signage. 
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